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Providing excellent independent appraisal services in today’s dynamic automotive insurance industry requires a comprehensive approach. Accuracy. Speed. Choice. Each piece must work together to deliver the best possible product. At IAnet, we wouldn’t have it any other way. As an I-CAR® Gold Class™ Business with an I-CAR® Platinum™ trained Material Damage Audit Team, we combine decades of industry experience and leading technology with an unmatched dedication to customer service to deliver the most accurate appraisals in the business. Add nationwide coverage to our diverse list of service offerings, and IAnet can be the one partner to meet all of your needs.
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The AccuracyAudit is what sets IAnet apart from the competition. Once complete, customer files are returned to IAnet by the appraiser or adjuster to undergo both human and electronic audits to ensure compliance with company guidelines, parts usage opportunities are maximized per carrier rules, proper repair vs. replacement techniques are adopted, state disclaimers are utilized, relevant summaries are in files and revisions are handled in timely manner. Once we’re sure it’s right, the file is returned to the customer within our competitive cycle times.

We don’t cut corners. We work with all major software packages, and our Material Damage Audit Team represents more than 100 years of combined experience in the field. We don’t hope your appraisal is right. We know it is.

All-in-One Convenience

Integrated Vendor Services – To ensure we maintain the best network of appraisers and adjusters in the industry, our dedicated Vendor Services department carefully screens and interviews every candidate. They perform background checks, review sample work, review and document state licenses, obtain and process appraiser services locations and assign the right appraiser with the appropriate experience to handle your insurance claim. This allows work to begin quickly and assures an accurate result.

Centralized Billing – IAnet has the means to bill per file or by bulk, helping you save on check and duplicate expenditures. Because appraisers are contracted through IAnet, all 1099 tax-reporting information is handled through us. This service eliminates the adjusters’ time in gathering tax information and the possibility of you having to send out thousands of 1099 tax-statement letters each year.

Total Loss Accountability – IAnet employs a dedicated Total Loss staff who ensure correct options and conditions are reported. The Total Loss Team handles calling in bids, movement of salvage, tracking total loss and, as requested, total loss settlements. When requested, IAnet offers full, no-hassle evaluations from leaders and experts in the field of market valuation. Because of our highly developed and experienced unit, carriers save hours on each file for total loss handling.