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Appraisal & Field Services
We have one of the largest network of trained licensed field appraisers. At IAnet we combine the strength of these professionals with our on staff I-CAR® Gold Class™ Business with an I-CAR® Platinum™ trained Material Damage Audit Team to produce exceptional quality and service.
Desk Review Services
Our experienced material damage desk appraisers can provide additional help when you need it. Our team can review claims to your guidelines for every claim type and severity. We strive for excellence in estimate quality and accuracy.
Virtual Appraisal Services
Virtual Appraisals do not have to mean inaccurate appraisals. We provide seamless customer experience while maintaining a high standard of estimate quality. Once estimates are written by our team, they are further reviewed to ensure accuracy.
DOI Inspection
Our teams in CA and MA are on standby to perform compliant DOI inspections. We work with you to develop customized solution that fit your needs.
Photo Inspections
We have specialists available in all 50 states to take photos and submit them to your team to write estimates. These days photo quality means estimate quality. Our audit team reviews all damage photos prior to submitting them it to your team.

Comprehensive Auto Solutions

We provide comprehensive auto solutions. We believe in being an extension of your team to provide complete end to end claims services.

Track Your Claim

Keeping you updated is our top priority. You can now track your claim and get real time updates with IAnet.

Nationwide Coverage

We offer coverage across the United States and Canada. No matter where you are, we have an expert appraiser or adjuster standing by to handle your claim.

Automobile Services

Appraisal & Field Services
Auto Desk Review Services
Virtual Appraisal Services
DOI inspection
Appraisal Clause
Total Loss Valuation
Subrogation Review
Scene Investigation
Diminished Value

We deliver customized solutions

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